Abundant opportunities to serve

At St. Barnabas, parishioners participate in a wide range of ministries and outreach opportunities. Many parish committees exist to help develop and organize parish activities. Participation is always welcome! If you are interested, please contact the church office.


Acolytes help lead the worship at the 10:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist. Acolytes serve in teams of three or four and range from 5th grade through high school. Each fall there is training for new acolytes and refresher training for current or previous acolytes. This ministry welcomes both boys and girls.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild at St. Barnabas’ Episcopal Church is composed of teams of women with three to five members on each team. Each team is responsible for services during the scheduled week they are on duty. Their week begins on Monday and ends at the completion of Sunday worship services. The major responsibilities of this ministry are preparation of the altars in the church and chapel for Sunday and weekday services. The Altar Guild ensures that the linens and hangings are properly laundered and that the right color for various church liturgical seasons are hanging. They also keep the silver and brass polished and maintained for all services. The Altar Guild is present behind the scenes during the Sacraments of baptisms, funerals, and weddings in preparation of these special events. It is an integral part of the celebrations of worship at St. Barnabas and vital to its ministry. Training for new members and refresher course is usually held in the fall.

Andrew’s Place

On the third Friday of each month, parishioners prepare, deliver, and serve a meal to 15-20 men at Andrew’s Place, a year-round shelter in downtown Wilmington serving homeless men. More help is needed!

Communion Assistants

St. Barnabas’ Communion Assistants are licensed by Bishop Wright to serve in the Diocese of Delaware under the direction of the priest. The Communion Assistants assist with the worship and the Eucharist, including leading the Nicene Creed and the Prayers of the People. If a Reader is not present, the Communion Assistant will read the lessons and lead the Psalm, if it is not sung. Communion Assistants administer the Chalice, the Blood of Christ (the wine) during the Eucharist, and when required, the Body of Christ (the bread). When acolytes are not present, the Communion Assistants perform the acolyte duties. A short period of training is required.

Emmanuel Dining Room

Emmanuel Dining Room
The Emmanuel Dining Room in downtown Wilmington provides meals every day of the year at no cost to needy persons. St. Barnabas participates in this outreach by preparing one meal each month on the 15th of the month. On the 14th of each month, volunteers prepare a standard meal and deliver it to the Emmanuel Dining Room. Volunteers then serve the meal to up to 300 persons on the 15th of the month. Additional help is always needed to maintain this ministry.

Evangelism/Parish Life

The purpose of the Evangelism/Parish Life Committee is to bring people into a relationship with God in Jesus Christ through one-on-one faith-sharing and by increasing awareness of the parish in the community through our website, newspapers, and other creative techniques.  By sharing our faith with our parishioners, we want to enable and encourage them to share their faith with others (family, friends, etc.). Parish Life is part of the Evangelism Committee and some of the ministries and events that are part of this include:  Family Breakfasts the first Sunday of each month; Parish Picnics; Bowlers Group; Ladies Luncheon Group; Men’s Lunch Group; and Bridge Players Group.

Flower Guild

The work of the Flower Guild is evident each Sunday in their wonderful gift which enlivens our worship with the bounty of God’s creation. The Flower Guild creates arrangements not only for the Sanctuary but also for the Chapel and prepares two arrangements for the Altar Flower Delivery ministry. Special arrangements are created for Christmas and Easter. The Flower Guild also arranges flowers for wedding ceremonies and funeral services. Training is provided to those who would like to join the Guild as flower arrangers. Gardeners who would like to provide flowers and foliage for the arrangements are welcome. Donations to the Flower Guild are welcome to help defray the expense of providing flowers and foliage when needed.


Members of the Greeters’ Team extend a warm welcome to all individuals who attend worship services on Sunday mornings at 10:00, on Christmas Eve and Ash Wednesday, and at other special services. An important part of their ministry is to interact with visitors, for example, asking them to sign the Visitors Book, showing them the facilities, and inviting them to Coffee Hour.


Home Meals

Whether you are recuperating from surgery, have a new baby, or have been ill at home, this ministry provides meals to help you get through. The meal consist of a main dish, salad and dessert for at least 2 people. If you would like to participate in this valuable ministry, please contact the church office.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors

The Eucharistic Visitors take communion to parish members who are unable to come to church. The Diocese of Delaware and the clergy of St. Barnabas provide training for this important ministry.

Lesson Readers

Readers are parishioners of all ages who read the Old Testament, Psalm, and New Testament lessons at each service throughout the year. Most of the time, a Reader does the reading for the service that they usually attend. A Reader may read either one, two or three of the readings depending on the service. Copies of the lessons are available ahead of time. Anyone who is interested in joining the Reader Ministry either on a regular basis or as a substitute is welcome.

Prayer and Praise Chain

The Prayer and Praise Chain are dedicated parishioners who pray for those who are ill or in need, and offer prayers of praise and thanksgiving. New requests for prayers are sent by e-mail to the member about every week to ten days. The request are either sent from the church office or directly to the Prayer and Praise Chain leader. If you would like to participate in this valuable ministry, please contact the church office.

Stitching With Love (Prayer Shawls)

Prayer shawls created by St. Barnabas knitters are given to persons as a sign of God’s comforting and healing presence. If you would like to participate in this ministry, please call the church office.

Stephens Ministers

The Stephens Ministers provide pastoral care to parishioners in need of assistance dealing with issues such as illness, grief, divorce, or other losses. Stephen Ministers complete extensive training before being commissioned to serve in this capacity. Anyone desiring to learn more about becoming a Stephens Minister, please contact the church office, one of the clergy, or the Stephen Minister contact person.

Sunday School

Share Jesus’ love and teachings with the children of St. Barnabas. Besides teaching children ages 3 through 8th grade, there are opportunities to offer behind-the-scenes support to the program as well. Assistance is needed in keeping the storage area organized, providing spiritual support to teachers, substitute teaching, helping to prepare the Godly Play stories each month, and organizing the children’s church service materials in the back of the sanctuary. If you are interested in helping, contact Cathy Lopez-Cooling at 239-9572, or speak with a current Sunday School teacher.


The Usher Ministry consists of a team of five members for the 10:00 am service. Holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Ash Wednesday and Easter Holy Week, require extra ushers. Special occasions, such as funerals, often need an usher. The Ushering Team is comprised of men and women willing to devote their time and talent to St. Barnabas Church. The current scheduling process tries to match ushers with acolytes and/or greeters of the same family and also to avoid other church conflicts. The average commitment for an usher is slightly more than once per month. Substitutes are needed if you would like to participate but cannot commit to set schedule. If you are interested in this important ministry, please contact the church office at (302) 994-6607.